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Want to address shoulder tension and posture?


Check out the Tight Shoulder Series


A 6 week livestream class series to help you relieve shoulder & neck tension, 

improve posture, and strengthen the upper body.



Enrollment opens soon


Do you want to undo the computer posture in your neck/shoulders?


Annoyed with how your back feels after a day at the desk?


Need some simple exercises to make your upper body strong & flexible again?


If so, this class series is for you!

About the classes:


6 week livestream class series to help you relieve shoulder and neck tension, improve posture, and maintain upper body strength from home.


This class will help 

  • Build and maintain shoulder strength

  • Feel stronger in your back so you can work a full day at the computer with less worry

  • Improve posture and boost your confidence

  • Address neck discomfort

  • Increase flexibility in the upper body so you can reach across the bed with ease

  • Get you back into a workout routine or spice up your current one


Class Schedule


TBD (Sunday am OR Wednesday midday)


Class will be held livestream via Zoom


Each class replay will be accessible after the livestream.


You will have access to the replays for the entire length of the series and for an additional 3 weeks after the end of the series.


Props needed: 

  • TBD


What others are saying…


“Macklen is an amazing teacher who is very creative in her yoga practice. She uses small props to add variety and fun to her classes. Her focus is to strengthen the muscles we need to function our best every day.


Macklen brings a positive energy to her class that motivates everyone to do their very best. You always get a great workout and leave with a smile on your face.”

-Liivia W.


"Macklen’s classes are unique in that she uses carefully thought-out moves that involve working parts of our body, sometimes forgotten, but critical in many of our daily functions.


Every bit of you gets a chance to benefit from her vast knowledge of anatomy and her creativity. One standout for me: blankets transformed into moving objects to exercise arms, hands or legs and muscles you didn’t even know you had. Her classes are fun, surprising and deceptively simple. The benefits are priceless for any age."

-Martine A.



About Macklen Mayse:


Macklen is a yoga and strength teacher who helps people feel strong in their bodies. She has a deep background in yoga, mindfulness, the arts and education. She’s been teaching yoga full time at studios and to kids in daycares for five years.


She has been featured on the new movement website as well as on the Tune Up Fitness® Blog and the Practice Human Podcast. When she isn’t teaching, Macklen enjoys hiking local mountains, riding her bicycle to visit friends’ art studios, or tearing up the dance floor.


  • What if I miss a class? You can catch up with the replay. It will be sent out to you shortly after the livestream. You can replay it as many times as you’d like.

  • Can I start the series late? Yes, of course. You’re welcome to jump in to any of the live classes when you can. Each week’s replay will be sent out by day's end, so you will have time to practice on your own time.

  • Can I buy just one class, not the series? Unfortunately, not this time around.

  • What if I can’t stay for the whole livestream class or arrive late? Totally fine! You can come/go as you need to.

  • Can I have my camera turned off? You bet!

  • What if I don’t have all the props? Most of the props are objects you probably have at home. If you don’t have a prop, you can still do the class, no problem! There are benefits to gain from the exercises, even without props.

  • I am new to yoga or strength classes, is this class for me? Yes absolutely. Approach each class with an open mind and be willing to take a break anytime you need to. If you do these two things you’ll be just fine. Also, I will offer options to most exercises so you can make it easier or more challenging as you like.

  • Can I ask questions? Yes, a great time to ask questions is before or after class. There will be about 5-10 minutes before and after class to chat. If you have a question or comment in the middle of class, please pause before sharing it. Ask yourself if it will be beneficial to the group. If the answer is no, then please wait until class is over to ask.


Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, I will return your purchase.

Enrollment opens soon

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