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Enjoy your bod feels.

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

It's right there. Sending out messages all the time.

So many messages in fact that our brain can't consciously hold them all. Pick one.

Maybe the tickle of spring wind on your hairy arms?

(When I was a teen I used* to consider shaving my forearm hair cuz it was darker than the other girls'. I was embarrassed. Now my womanly age brings a sense of confidence in my body. And an appreciation for the purpose of my arm hair. I can sense so much with those little black tendril whisps.)

Or perhaps the aroma of flamingo pink peonies?

(They're in bloom right now in the city. And isn't it just The Tops! to watch little ants march around the late bloomer buds?)

Or by chance you're a sun worshiper and are venturing out to the beach for the first time; can you feel how your bod responds to lounging in sand granules -- amidst trillions of lil lazy time pebbles?

(I much prefer a chilly ocean dip followed with a hot sand exfoliation {full bod if I can} and day-long sun worship.)

Do you get the idea???

You can enter your body's felt experience at any time.

For some of us that's easier said than done. For others it's a practice we're coming back to....and for some, the "noticing muscle" is flexed, shiny, and ready to rollllll more often than not.

Enjoy your bod feels, friend.

*I did not shave my arms. Ever. And now gratefully, I love my arms. They remind me of my dad's foresty forearms. The ones I saw reaching towards fuel pumps. The ones that got sprinkled with circular saw dust. The ones that lay crossed upon his belly, thoughtfully remembering the army friends he's lost.

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