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Cardio Isn’t Enough to Lose Weight

“Hey Macklen, I’d like to be down 10lb by New Years. Is that realistic? If so, what do you recommend? Right now I’m doing cardio 3 days a week (bike for 30 minutes and about 10k steps daily), but I’m not seeing much of a difference.”

First, the fact that you’re getting regular exercise is huge.

Doing weekly cardio that gets your heart pumping is money in the bank for your future self.

10 lbs in three months is going to take work and consistency - but it’s possible.

Here are my recommendations:

  • Increase your steps goal to 11,000 2-3 days per week. Tack on another 10-15 minutes to get those extra 1000 steps. It can be as simple as walking around the block after dinner before you get cozy.

  • Add 2-3 strength training sessions per week. 30 minutes per session is enough.

There’s a common misconception that strength training makes you bulky - so a lot of people who have weight loss goals skip the kettlebells and head straight for the treadmill. This is why they don’t get results as quickly as they’d like to.

If you only remember one thing I tell you, let it be this 👇🏼

The fastest way to burn fat is to build muscle. And the fastest way to build muscle is by strength training.

Muscle is a metabolism booster. It burns more calories than fat does, even when you’re at rest. That means the more muscle you have, the more fat your body will naturally burn.

Plus as you get stronger you’ll become less prone to injuries, you’ll age more gracefully, and you’ll have more energy.

If you’re ready to reach your weight loss goals, Strong Club is now open for new members.

You’ll get an 8-week training program delivered via the TrueCoach app. All you have to do is execute it.

Sign up by October 27th to save $50.

I’ll see you in there!


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