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Macklen Mayse MOVEMENT

Teaching about the body,

creativity, nature, and play


Mindfulness, Movement and Education

A movement library of bite-sized videos and mini workshops that enhance the skills and lessons I offer in my live classes. If you don't see a video topic that interests - then reach out.

Kids learn developmental movements, gross motor skills, calm breathing, and have tons of fun. They use their imaginations, focus in balancing poses, and practice regulating their emotions with mindfulness.

Practice with the added support of community in a live class. Learn strength exercises using resistance bands, hand weights, and body weight. Get stronger, ease stress, and build confidence.

Work one-on-one with Macklen on an individualized training program. Accountability, support, and guidance towards your specific fitness/wellness goals.

Meet Macklen Mayse

Hi! I’m a teacher, artist, and nature explorer based in NYC. I teach kids yoga and adult yoga classes that move outside of the box.

For adults I teach a multidisciplinary class influenced by strength and mobility training, physical therapy exercises, dance, play, and body awareness practices like therapy ball massage. Come to learn. Expect to use props: resistance bands, sliding on blankets, and the occasional "teacup".

With kids I use song, hand puppets, visual aids, and props to engage through movement. We always end with a short meditation or rest. Students express themselves, find focus, work cooperatively; build strength, balance and confidence through playful movement.

As an artist, I puppeteered for artists at St. Ann’s Warehouse, La MaMa Experimental Theater Club, and The Tank using a hand & rod puppet, object puppetry and a Bunraku-style puppet. My solo performance art and other fine artwork appeared at the Governors Island Art Fair, Dumbo Arts Festival, Mykonos Biennale, Under St. Marks Theater, Pratt Institute, Tillou Fine Art, The Silent Barn, Old Man Hustle, and Panopoly Performance Laboratory.


Exploring nature is my forever beau. I traverse on solo hikes and lead groups of yoga students into the woods for forest bathing meditation movement adventures.


I specialize in joint mobility & strength, quirky humor, and teaching children.

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Macklen is an amazing teacher who is very creative in her yoga practice. She uses small props to add variety and fun to her classes. Her focus is to strengthen the muscles we need to function our best every day.

Macklen brings a positive energy to her class that motivates everyone to do their very best. You always get a great workout and leave with a smile on your face.

-Liivia W.


Thoughts, Mindfulness and Yoga


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body, creativity

nature and play

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Macklen Mayse

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